Freelancers organizing
for change, unity, and strength

Building power in the tech industry is going to require communication, cooperation, and solidarity. Join us to learn how labor organizing as a freelancer, 1099, or gig worker can help us build a stronger economy together.

coders, creatives, collected.

together we are strong

Pittsburgh is a town built on industry, with a rich history of successful businesses and worker power. We come together as FOCUS, Freelancers Organizing for Change, Unity, and Strength, to add our voices to the conversation of what work looks like in the present day. As freelancers, we’re independent, driven, and creative entrepreneurs, adding value to every project we work on.

We’re part of a new economy, moving away from traditional employer-employee relationships. With FOCUS, we come together to make sure that the new economy works just as well for us as it does for tech capital.

Workers create wealth; organized workers keep our share.
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